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Title: Memory Lane - by An Truong
Author: asscr2017
Votes: 31

Views: 860
Description: Memory Lane
Submitted by: An Truong (Brain Mind Centre, The University of Sydney)

This image depicts the complex microenvironment of the dentate gyrus, showing the classic ribbon of granule cells surrounded by supporting astrocytes and an intricate network of myelin. Four protein markers are visualised simultaneously on a single tissue section (FFPE, 10um) using a novel method of multiplex immunofluorescence: NeuN (cyan), Beta-III-tubulin (magenta), GFAP (yellow) and MBP (red). This is the first application of this technique to studying multiple biomarkers in brain tissues. Characterizing co-expression and co-localization of multiple antigens will improve our understanding of the interaction between host and donor cells when evaluating the clinical potential of stem cell therapies.


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