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Title: Cosmic Potential - by Claire Homan
Author: asscr2017
Votes: 25

Views: 857
Description: Cosmic Potential
Submitted by: Claire Homan (AHMS, The University of Adelaide)

This is an image of a single neurosphere derived from two genetically distinct populations of mouse neural stem cells which have been labelled with different fluorescent proteins to enable tracking. The mouse neural stem cells were extracted from either WT or knockout mouse e14.5 telencephalic vesicles, lentivirally labelled with fluorescent proteins (GFP and mCherry) and then the two stem cell populations were mixed together in an aggregation assay to determine whether the two different cell types are able to interact. This gave rise to this fluorescent ball of cells (neurosphere) with the potential to differentiate to cell types of the neural lineage.


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