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Title: Generating neurons to model Parkinson’s Disease in a dish - by Joan Ho
Author: asscr2017
Votes: 53

Views: 934
Description: Generating neurons to model Parkinson’s Disease in a dish
Submitted by: Joan Ho (Monash University)

This image shows an emerging cluster of human embryonic stem cell-derived neurons in a culture dish successfully differentiating toward a midbrain dopaminergic (mDA) neuron phenotype. We are able to visualise this differentiation in real-time by generating a fluorescent reporter cell line to track the expression of a mDA progenitor marker LMX1A in the culture (LMX1AeGFP/wt, green). Immunofluorescent staining of beta-III-tubulin (white) confirms neuronal identity in the culture, with cell nuclei shown in blue. mDA neurons ultimately degenerate in Parkinson's Disease - hence, the generation of a reporter line to enrich this population in culture is key in modelling Parkinson's Disease in a dish.


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