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Title: The Fight for Life - by Joshua Tay
Author: asscr2017
Votes: 13

Views: 848
Description: The Fight for Life
Submitted by: Joshua Tay (Mater Research Institute-University of Queensland)

To fight against the intracellular pathogen Listeria monocytogenes (red), bone marrow-derived macrophages condense their cytoplasmic protein LC3 (green) onto the forming autophagosome membrane creating distinct puncta in the cell and encircling the bacteria. Co-localization of the Listeria and the LC3 (yellow) demonstrate effective antibacterial defence against the pathogen (central cell). Without co-localization (left and right cells), the bacteria will proliferate and kill the cell. Image was taken on an Olympus Upright Epifluorescence microscope at 100X.


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