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Title: Visualising the microenvironment of human skin stem cells - by Pritinder Kaur
Author: asscr2017
Votes: 50

Views: 1083
Description: Visualising the microenvironment of human skin stem cells
Submitted by: Pritinder Kaur (Curtin University)

This image shows a 3D-reconstruction of a whole mount of neonatal human skin immunostained for a marker of the skin's epithelial stem/progenitor compartment (Keratin 14- green) and a marker of the mesenchymal stem cell-like pericytes found in the dermal microvasculature (alpha smooth muscle actin - red) revealing a regular inter-relationship in the spatial organisation of pericytes relative to the undulating basal layer of the epidermis forming rete ridges. Functional analyses in organoid cultures reveals that pericytes promote symmetric cell divisions in the epidermis thereby contributing to their retention within the proliferative compartment.


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