European Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Registry              
hESCreg is a European Union resource  created to offer the research community, legislators, regulators and the general public at large overview on the current status of hESC research in Europe. 

EuroStemCellThe Hinxton Group: An International Consortium of Stem Cells, Ethics and Law
The Hinxton Group website is a clearing house, facilitating communication among scientists, policymakers, journal editors and the public about international scientific collaboration in the area of stem cell research. The Hinxton Group is an informal collection of individuals interested in ethical and well-regulated science.

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Expert Advice on Stem Cells (for Beginners)
If you are finding it difficult to understand stem cells, you should know that many other people share your struggle. This website covers all you need to know about the topic. With regular updates and a language that speaks clearly.