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Congratulations to those of you who received an ISSCR travel award or a ASSCR/NSCFA travel award supported by the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia.

Details of ASSCR/NSCFA award winners will be made available on the ASSCR and NSCFA websites.

Please read the details of your awards very carefully! And accept any required conditions by the due date.

Upcoming Events

Don't forget to register for the BIGGEST STEM CELL event of the year, ISSCR 2018! in Melbourne.

Proudly sponsored by the ASSCR.

More information here!

Additional upcoming events can be foundĀ here!, as well as direct links in the right sidebar.




The ASSCR supports stem cell research and encourages scientific exchange, particularly through our annual conference, in order to build an active stem cell research community in Australia and New Zealand.

We also aim to provide all interested parties with the opportunity to access information relating to scientific, medical and ethical advances in the broad field of stem cell research.

The ASSCR Webpage

The ASSCR webpage is for all ASSCR members and anyone looking to understand stem cell research and cell therapies. We hope this site will be an interactive and informative space.

We also welcome members to submit stem cell articles, news, images, and cartoons. If you have other ideas for the website or would like to contribute news or articles, email our Communications Chair, Dr Kathryn Futrega at also please see our Contact Us page.