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Cell Therapy training course
New fully sponsored scholarship program designed to train the next generation of translational experts in cellular therapy.
12 ISCT/ASBMT Member Applicants will be Selected Globally.
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Stem Cell breakthrough
Stem cell researchers from Monash University and the University of Melbourne have shown that Snail family member, Snai1, is instrumental in regulating the fate of intestinal stem cells. The research, led by Monash University’s Associate Professor Helen Abud and Associate Professor Gary Hime from The University of Melbourne, has been published in EMBO J.

Using a conditional knockout mouse the researchers demonstrated that Snai1 is required for maintenance of crypt base columnar stem cells in the intestine and also for epithelial regeneration. These findings have important implications for the treatment of bowel diseases and colorectal cancer.

Horvay et al. (2015) Snai1 regulates cell lineage allocation and stem cell maintenance in the mouse intestinal epithelium. EMBO J (conditions apply)

Media coverage:Ancient gene a possible key to curing bowel disease The Age 15 March 2015

Cancer-linked protein helps control fate of Intestinal stem cells.
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Travel awards for Stem Cell Therapies Workshop and Conference –Vermont, USA
The University of Vermont College of Medicine (UVM COM) seeks Trainees/Junior Researchers in the area of Stem Cell Therapies to apply for a Travel Award through a competitive abstract submission process. For more details 

Exciting career opportunities in cell based therapies.
Three positions are available in the field of cell based therapies. For more details 

Stem Cell stories continue to inform
Stem Cell Stories is a stunning touring image exhibition jointly created in late 2013 by the ASSCR and Questacon - the Australian National Science and Technology Centre.
The exhibition aims to celebrate the inherent beauty of regenerative medicine research while also stimulating community conversation around stem cells and emerging stem cell therapies. To do so, the exhibition juxtaposes beautiful colour stem cell images with portraits of patients looking to stem cell research for stemcellnew treatments. The beautiful and thought provoking images contained within the exhibition were provided by scientists across Australia and New Zealand.

Display of the exhibition alternates between Questacon, Canberra, and other galleries around Australia. In mid-2014 the exhibition was shown at the Royal Institute of Australia in Adelaide, and in mid-2015 it is planned for display at SciTech in Perth. Future showings are planned for other cities in Australia and New Zealand. The captivating nature of Stem Cell Stories has gathered significant media interest, including the closing credits of the ABC 7:30 Report in Adelaide and an 8-page feature spread in the December 2014 issue of Cosmos magazine.

Unproven stem cell therapies what to look out for

Assessment of proposed stem cell treatments through clinical trials is used to determine the treatment’s safety and effectiveness, with the results published for transparency and further education.  We have, in conjunction with Stem Cells Australia and the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia, prepared a brochure to assist you in your search for more information.... 


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